Friday, 1 February 2013


stock pictures for charities

If your charity is anything like the ones we manage there is always the need for good quality stock pictures to illustrate your publications, website and fundraising materials.

Hiring a professional to take photos is great but often out of the budget of most small charities and relying on volunteers to take photos at your annual conference can often lead to lots of out of focus pictures. And it is not always possible to get a designer to transform what you have in your head into an affordable design.

The last time we did a publication aimed at advertising an annual conference for a local based charity we found it impossible to get the photos they needed to make the flyers zing!

So we did some research into stockphotos and found some great sites and some great images we could use. One of the best, and certainly the most cost effective, was Fotolia,

Fotolia is a great resource for royalty free images, vectors and videos and is really affordable with prices starting from 54p.

They claim to have over 20 million images to sell and while we obviously haven't had the chance to look at all of them we have added our most commonly used searches and found a great selection to use.

Most small charities would probably find their Pay As You Go rate the most useful but currently they are offering 5 images for free when you register. Credits are available to buy and it seems that the starting rate is around £25 for 27 credits - more than enough for you to spice up your communications with images.

What do you use for your stock photos?